Headshot of Deb Stoltz



My name is Deb Stoltz, my quilting adventure started in 2007, when I joyfully found out I was going to be a grandma! Unfortunately, with a vast array of sewing UFO’s and failures, I was not excited. Upon visiting a quilt shop, I purchased the materials for the quilt. I approached my sewing machine with a little anxiety telling myself "I can do this." To my amazement, I completed the quilt and enjoyed it! I was hooked. I advanced my skills and developed quilting tools and patterns. I have completed over 600 quilts for charitable organizations. My goal as a quilt speaker and teacher is to increase awareness and knowledge of great tips and tools for proficiency in quilting. My on-line business, Looney Bin Quilting, have samples of my work on displayed in the gallery.


My trunk show includes:

  • Looney Bin Quilting tools and patterns
  • Features Tools and Tricks to increase the fun of quilting
  • Machine Embroidery – Tips and Tricks
  • Various quilting methods – Quilt As You Go, Applique and Embellishments